"For the most banal event to become an adventure, you must begin to recount it" - 

                                                                                                                  Jean-Paul Sartre


Corporate event organisation is a special capability, requiring in-depth knowledge of all the players involved (businesses, services providers, destinations, accommodation, incoming agencies, etc.) and very high-quality results.


Events mark a pause in corporate life and are an opportunity to unite people, create emotions, convey an image or a message, etc.


Your event simply has to be unique, and has to be designed in respect of your values and corporate image.


We are here to shoulder your Christmas or New Year parties, corporate anniversary celebrations, evening events, seminars, congresses, talks, product launches, eco-friendly events, MICE events and retirement parties.


The Catherine Petitcuenot & Co agency offers full, A-Z event organisation, or simply lends you a helping hand.


The Catherine Petitcuenot & Co agency is totally committed to ensuring your corporate events are a resounding success and that each participant takes home excellent memories!



 Personalized quote on request.