We both have our roots in the South of France.

We love the area's quality of life, landscapes, colours, spicy perfumes and cuisine.

We both love cooking up ideas too! And in our stress-free kitchen, you'll find quality ingredients and a good dose of daring ideas, spiked with a touch of magic! These are the ingredients we use to create events that fit your character, your corporate image and your story…


The Catherine Petitcuenot & Co agency is your very own Chef. We concoct the recipes for the success of your event or party!


The Catherine Petitcuenot & Co agency is also the composer and director of the greatest events in your life, whether professional or private. All you have to do is come on stage and play your role.


We invite you to push open the door and meet us behind the scenes!


Teaming up in the kitchen is a dynamic duo, comprising Catherine Petitcuenot and her husband Stéphane.

On our stove, you'll find a big pot of imagination, know-how, high-quality services and passion!

Our events offer up a thousand and one flavours and a thousand and one colours. They are the fruit of a creative, family-style and enthusiastic atmosphere...


Catherine, the agency's founding partner

Holder of a Postgraduate Diploma in Quality Management and advanced vocational training certificate in Tourism, Cathy started out organising corporate events such as press conferences, seminars and incentive events.


She set up Catherine Petitcuenot & Co agency, an events and wedding planning agency, in 2012.


Cathy hand picks all of her service providers, so is shouldered by the very best people around. She and her subcontractors work hand in hand towards a common goal - the success of your event – and share the same commitment to Quality.


Always keen to give her clients the very best of herself, Cathy completed an Advanced Training Course in Wedding Organisation and an Executive Master's Degree in Wedding Management in 2013, at a training centre based in Milano.


Cathy is fully aware of the importance of customer relationships and cultivates trust and complicity with her clients in a friendly and professional atmosphere, where Quality always has pride of place.


Her areas of expertise:


English spoken - Si parla italiano

Certificat de formation Supérieure Professionnelle en Organisateur de Mariages
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